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The HTC has two club callsigns: HB9HC and HB9HTC. Using both of these, the HTC participates each year in the H26 Helvetia Contest which is organized by the IARU Region 1. Visitors are welcome at any and all of our sites!
2015 H26 Contest Activity
HB9HC team:
This year, the planning looked like this:
The initial problems with transporting materials were resolved. Transport up the last few vertical meters were handeled on a dirt road leading to the restaurant. The station for HB9HC was laid out according to the following "crib sheet".

Callsign:  HB9HC
Project Manager:  HB9ABO
Location: Sitz (Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden)
Team members:  HB9ABO, HB9BSH, HB9CGA, HB9TVK,  HB9AFH, HB9EWO
Station: K3, 500W amp, dipole and  160m longwire

You can find a report of the 2015 H26 contest at HB9HC including photos by following the link below.


HB9HTC team:

The HB9HTC had similar problems. The transport of the antenna mast was no longer necessary due to an alternative antenna concept. The wire antenna was hung between two trees.

Callsign:    HB9HTC
Location:  La Theurre (Canton of Jura)
Project Manager:  HB9DEO
Station:  K2, 100W tuner, windom antenna

H26 contest activity reports:

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HTC on the Air during USKA contests: H26NMD.

For more than 10 years, the USKA/HTC NMD Commission has organized the USKA National Mountain Day contest. The NMD contest takes place on the 3rd Sunday in July using CW only, on the 80m band, and generally with small rigs with output in the range of 5W. More than half the participants are also HTC members. The contest participants traditionally meet for a post-contest gathering three weeks after the contest itself in the town of Olten. Further information is available at the NMD website

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