FOC 80th Anniv. Challenge Report

Report from Switzerland: FOC 80th Anniversary Challenge

During the month of May this year, the FOC (First Class CW Operators Club) celebrated its 80th birthday. We at the Helvetia Telegraphy Club used our own website to inform the members of our club about this fact and included a link to FOC website.  Read more about what happened.

For years, Club Log has offered a service for DX stations, online logs and a variety of statistics. For this "Club Event" it included a web page with a leader board where every participant could check out his or her score without having to make any entries themselves; the FOC operators entered details about all valid QSOs. Some of our colleagues here in Switzerlandalong with HTC members have reported that they were able to conduct some very pleasant CW QSOs thanks to this event. Because of this major activity during the course of an entire month, it was also possible to take advantage of a few unexpected band openings on 10m and 12m. Thanks to sharp ears and certainly some fantastic station setups -- often club and contest stations -- it was possible to conduct some QSOs that normally would hardly be possible.

Finally, our compliments to Michael G7VJR who developed and maintained the online leader board for the FOC activity.

The following Swiss stations participated in the FOC celebration activity with enough QSOs to be listed:

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