EUCW Infos April 2015

Update: EUCW Snakes & Ladders operating event
The final result of the first run of EuCW's Snakes & Ladders event have been published ( There were a total of 47 participants; some only filed a single log, others participated every month.

Based on results, a Begali key was awarded to Peter, G4LHI, with 720 points and the highest number of 273 locator squares worked over the full period of 12 months. A second Begali was given to a participant who filed at least 10 logs over the 12 month period of S&Lv1. There were 21 participants fulfilling this requirement, and the winner chosen at random was Peter, M5ABN.

Snakes & Ladders Ver 2 has some slightly modified rules vs. Ver 1 (
There are 9 operating periods of a full month each, from April 1st till December 31, 2015.

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