Einladung zum Baltic-Contest

Dear Fellow Contester,
On behalf of the Lithuanian Radio Sports Federation I have the honor to invite you, your club members and all your radio friends to enter the 52nd BALTIC CONTEST (BC-2016).
As usually we have intersection with His Majesty King of Spain events this weekend, but I hope we are able to split our attention and get the maximum of pleasure from all events.
Every year there is a real possibility to get one of 15 unique earthenware medals and 14 special plaques in 14 additional categories, the list of it and all the information about the Baltic Contest 2016 you can find on the web site http://www.lrsf.lt/bcontest/english/rules_html.htm
Turn on your radio on during Baltic Contest 2016 on 80 meters band from 2100z May 21, 2016 till 0200z May 22, 2016.
Best 73! and we hope to see you in BC-2016.
Mindaugas LY4L


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